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What is Payroll Service?

Payroll services are the act of appointing a third-party payroll service provider for all your payroll administration.

The service provider needs to have expertise and experience in managing and handling all the payroll related activities and tasks.

The main purpose of hiring a payroll service is that it cuts costs, saves time, and gets better services.

EmpowerHCM has dedicated payroll specialists who are well-trained and are the single point of contact.

We offer 24 by 7 support even after business hours. Our payroll services fit in your budget as prices are affordable and transparent.

Importance of Payroll Service

One of the important tasks for any organization is completing its payroll process on time.

Payroll affects every aspect of the business, from employee satisfaction to the financial stability of your company.

Typically, payroll processing is the most time-consuming process and complex task.

It is always more efficient and cost-effective to outsource payroll service providers.

We offer you accurate and timely payroll services that save you from the hassles of maintaining payment records.

Our payroll service offers you more comprehensive data management and generates customized reports as per your business needs and requirements.

All payroll activities adhere to tax and legal obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Partnering with a third-party payroll service provider helps you in saving your time. You can utilize this time to understand and analyze your business growth. We assign dedicated payroll specialists who take care of all payroll processes.

Absolutely Yes! We do keep a recorded track of all the employees who have been on vacation leave or sick leave, as per the track, payroll processing is done.

Our priority is data security. You do not have to worry about employee data. The web portal and its login credentials are protected and a secure network is used for the transaction of your files and information.

Yes, we have a dedicated team to answer all your payroll related queries after business hours.

Advantages to Your Business

  • Timely payroll processing results in on-time payment to your employees. This in turn increases the morale of your employees and gives them the motivation to perform better and effectively.
  • All the payroll activities need to be completed as per tax obligations so as to maintain the company's reputation and attract the right candidate for your organization.
  • If you hire third-party payroll services, then you can reallocate your available resources so that all the payroll related tasks can be performed on time.
  • Once the payroll processing is completed on time you can get a clear picture of your business this will help in analyzing the financial position of your organization.