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What is Application Maintenance and Support?

In a business environment application failure or unexpected server, downtime can not only be frustrating but can also greatly impact your profitability.

As the application environment grows complex, you need a strategic IT partner to take care of your application maintenance and support.

Application maintenance and support is an intense task that requires many resources.

At EmpowerHCM LLC, we work with you to understand your business needs and develop tailor-made solutions to maximize application agility.

Application Maintenance Activities

  • Well-defined process
  • Robust Change Management
  • Tools for Request Management
  • SLA based results
  • Root Cause Analysis and Resolutions

Application Maintenance Services

  • Application Support
  • Application Enhancements
  • Defects/bugs fixation
  • Database redesign and migration
  • Conversion of certain programming languages
  • Re-design, and conversion of the user interface.

Our Key Values

  • Expertise in domain knowledge and technology
  • transition process
  • The flexible global delivery model for application maintenance.
  • Improved productivity reducing the cost of maintenance.

Importance of Application Maintenance and Support

Like humans, applications also need maintenance and support regularly to maintain technical health.

The application maintenance and support process starts after the client purchases the application for business use.

When your application is used continuously, maintenance and support are mandatory so that applications run smoothly.

The application support helps to adjust with upgrades and technical environment changes. Application maintenance improves performance and fault corrections.

The main task in application maintenance is finding and fixing the bugs which are very difficult.

But it should be ensured that adaptability of application is high as per the changing business requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

EmpowerHCM is here for you throughout the process. There will be regular checks to ensure the application maintenance and support process is going smoothly. We take complete responsibility for our team performance and use communication as the best tool.

Yes indeed, you don't have to worry if there are any obstacles and dependency is on us. If you have hired a full-time developer from us, we will take care of all deliverables by providing the best performance output.

EmpowerHCM offers application maintenance activities along with the services. Bug identification and fixation is one of the support services offered by EmpowerHCM that ensures smooth functioning of the application.

Yes, you get a dedicated team of experts from EmpowerHCM based on your business requirements. Resources allocation is done on multiple factors so that there is no stone left unturned.

Advantages to Your Business

  • One of the biggest advantages of application maintenance and support is that it frees up organization resources. You could just trust a dedicated service provider like us, to ensure all the tasks are managed on a timelybasis.
  • Application maintenance and support can boost your organization's productivity if you take a planned approach.
  • There is effortless scalability by adding more resources for the tasks and capacity to work for your services.
  • If you hire a service provider, it will take care of all the applications running in your organization.